Leave Rules

Every student is required to obtain written approval from the class tutor prior to leaving. If he is unable to do so in the first place, he will have to accept the approval within two days of his return. Each student will have the responsibility to receive information about their attendance at the end of each month.
(A) The student who is absent for 10 consecutive working days during the academic session, his name will be cut off.
(B) Within 10 days from the date notified, if the fee is not paid, the name of such student will be permanently deleted.
If such students request re-admission within two weeks from the date the name is struck off, the Principal will look into the situation and decide the case on the basis of merit. Request for re-admission after three weeks will not be accepted in any way. Students participating in cultural programs or sports or other events organized by the college should seek leave from the tutor / activity in-charge of the class before leaving for this purpose so that they are given duty leave or else they will be considered absent.

Tutorial System

Each student is assigned to a designated tutorial group when he or she enters college. The tutorial arrangement is very helpful from the point of view of giving proper guidance and advice to the student personally by the teachers in charge. Each student will be required to attend these tutorial periods from time to time.

Rules regarding Discipline

The College Principal has the authority to:
1. Take a Strict action against the students who engage in ragging and anti-social and anti-social activities in the college or hostel or damage or break / break the property of the college / hostel.
2. If a student breaks discipline / misbehaves etc. then an entry can be made in his / her character certificate. That student may be barred from enrolling in the next class.
3. Indisciplined students can be expelled from the hostel for 15 days.

Rules regarding Payment of Fees

1. Fee must always be paid in advance and on timely notified dates. If funds, fees and penalties are not deposited by the due date, the student's name will be deducted from the college-roll. No further notice will be issued in this regard.
2. Receipt should be taken for any sort of payment made.
3. Refundable amount should be withdrawn immediately upon submission of fee.
4. Fee changes can be made at any time as per the directions of the Punjab Government. Information regarding this Will be affixed on the notice board.
5. If a student migrates after enrolling in a class before the classes start, the tuition fee deposited to that student will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded. The remaining fee will be refunded to the student after proportional deductions if any. If any fee is deposited by that student in different colleges then the fee of one course (including funds etc.) will be refunded to him. For refund he has to apply through the principal of both the colleges.
6. If a student drops out during the session and re-enrolls, he / she will have to pay tuition fees and subscriptions as per the new rates fixed by the university ie equal to the student's tuition fees and funds of the current session.
7. If a student dies during his / her studies, his / her tuition fees for the remaining months will be refunded to his / her parents or his / her spouse. This payment will be made after presenting the death certificate and affidavit by the concerned relative within 2 months from the date of death
8. If a student pays the fee first but later half / full of his tuition fee is waived, then only the tuition fee paid in that case will be adjusted / refunded.

Most Important

After enrolling, it is mandatory for all the students to visit the website www.amanmovement.org. fill and upload the two separately assigned anti ragging affidavit for the students and their parents and will submit the print out to their respective tutor.
1. It is strictly forbidden to use mobile phones in classes and in the library.
2. Students cannot hold any function or meeting in the college / hostel campus without the approval of Principal. If any student is asked by the principal or staff members to participate in cultural activities or any other work of the college, he / she must perform that duty. Disciplinary action may be taken against a student who intentionally refuses to do so.
3. Disciplinary action will be taken against the student who breaks any government equipment in the college / lab and he will have to pay compensation. If any student causes any damage in the college or in his / her classroom, the students of the class will report it to the tutor / principal or else the entire class have to bear the expense and fine. The principal's decision to expel or impose further punishment will be final. In case of exceeding this limit, the matter will be referred to the College Council.

Identity Card

Each student will be required to complete his / her own identity card issued by the college within one month of admission. This identity card must be kept by the student in the college at all times and it will be mandatory to show this card if requested by any employee / officer. Refusal of the student to show the identity card will be considered as breach of discipline. In case of the loss of identity card the duplicate identity card will be issued only after lodging an F. I. R. and depositing Rs 50 with the approval of Principal .

College Leaving

Students wishing to leave the college will apply appropriately in writing. Until the student's name is formally cut off, they will have to pay the college's expenses and penalties set for them. Students who have unpaid fines, college or hostel expenses, or library books will not be issued a character.


The college students have limited seats in the hostel of the State College of Education for boys and girls. Students are given in priority for hostel on first cum first basis. Every student living in a hostel has to follow the following rules.
1. No student living in a hostel will accommodate their relative in the hostel.
2. No student can keep any of his female relatives with him.
3. Each student will handle the second key of his room to the hostel warden.
4. No student can keep a knife or any weapon in his room.
5. Each student will manually record their arrival and departure details in the hostel register. Prior permission from the warden is required in case of leaving the hostel.
6. No student can enter the Hostel after 10 pm.
7. Each student will pay its hostel bills by the 7th of each month. In any case, special permission from the warden is required to extend the payment period.
8. No student will use drugs, alcohol, etc. in the hostel. Smoking is strictly forbidden in hostels.
9. Each student will be responsible for protecting the furniture, electricity, windows and almirahs in their room.
10. No student can keep electrical appliances, press, heater, kettle, etc. in their room. Anyone found violating the rules will be kicked out of the hostel and fined Rs 50.
11. No vehicle car, scooter or motorbike can be kept in the hostel without the permission of the warden.
12. If a student is caught in a police case, he or she must leave the hostel room immediately
13. The hostel warden may change the rules at any time. Student that do not follow the rules given above will be expelled from the hostel. To avail the hostel facility after taking admission Students / Parents can contact Prof. Ram Kumar (for boys) and Dr. Jaspreet Kaur (for girls).