The Alumni of the college has achieved distinction in private as well as other spheres of life. The Bikram Global Alumni Association has been working unitedly for the welfare of the college. The main objective of the Alumni is to provide opportunity to old students to maintain their association with their alma-matar and to take interest in its development and expansion and all round improvement of the college infrastructure and welfare of the members of Alumni.The membership of the Alumni consists of Life Patrons, Life Membership and Annul Membership. The members of Governing Body of the association :

Prof. (Dr.) Kusum Lata

Life Patrons
Prof. Sohan Singh, Prof. K.K.Saksena, Mr.Harbans Lal Bansal, S. Mohinder Singh Mann, S. Tejinder Singh Brar, Mr. Rajiv Dutta C.A., S. Gurpreet Singh and Prof. H.S. Punia

S. Mohinder Singh Mann I.P.S.

Vice President
Mr. Rajiv Goyal C.A.

General Secretary
Dr. Vaneeta Garg

Joint Secretary
Dr. Reetu Kapoor

Finance Secretary
Mr. Anil Arora C.A.

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