Library of Government Bikram College of Commerce, Patiala has collection of twenty-nine thousand five hundred books which consist of books on Commerce, Economics, Law and Computer Science. Along with Syllabi related books library also has Fictional books for book lovers.

  • -Library subscribes 10 Newspapers, 38 Magazines and Journals.
  • -Library also subscribes E-resources in the form of N-List from INFLIBNET.
  • -Library is partially automated using software SOUL 2.0

Useful E-Resources for Students

S.No. Link of E-Resource
1 Digital Library of India
2 Universal Digital Library
4 Project Gutenberg
5 Shodh Ganga
8 Sakshat
9 Pratilipi (For Fiction)
10 Z-Library
11 Open
12 Many

List of Newspapers

S.No. Title Language
1 The Tribune English
2 The Hindustan Times English
3 The Economic Times English
4 The Times of India English
5 The Hindu English
6 Employment News English
7 Punjabi Tribune Punjabi
8 Ajit Punjabi
9 Jagbani Punjabi
10 Punjab Kesari Hindi
11 Dainik Bhaskar Hindi



S.No. Journal Name Issue
1 The Chartered Accountant (Monthly)
2 South Asian Journal of HRM (Bi-Annual)
3 The Management Accountant (Monthly)
4 Prajnan (Journal of National Institute of Bank Management) (Quarterly)
5 Management Review (Journal of Indian Institute of Management) (Quarterly)
6 Indian Journal of Marketing (Monthly)
7 Business Strategy (Journal of IUP) (Monthly)
8 Management Research (Journal of IUP) (Quarterly)
9 Accounting Research & Audit Practices (Journal of IUP) (Quarterly)
10 Corporate Governance (Journal of IUP) (Quarterly)
11 Taxman; the Tax Law Weekly (Weekly)
12 Indian Journal of Accounting (Bi-annual)
13 Business India (Fortnightly)


S.No. Journal Name Issue
14 Economic & Political Weekly (Weekly)
15 Indian Economic Journal (Quarterly)
16 Yojana (English) (Monthly)
17 Yojana (Punjabi) (Monthly)
18 Reserve Bank of India (R.B.I.) Bulletin (Monthly)

Computer Science

S.No. Journal Name Issue
19 Journal of Computer Science(IUP) (Quarterly)
20 International Journal of Information Dissemination & Technology (Quarterly)
21 IETE Journal of Research (Bi-Monthly)
22 IETE Technical Review (Bi-Monthly)

Higher Education

S.No. Journal Name Issue
23 University News (Weekly)

General Magazines

S.No. Journal Name Issue
24 India Today ( Weekly )
25 The Competition Success Review (Monthly)
26 General Knowledge Today (Monthly)
27 Competition Affairs (Monthly)
28 Pratiyogita Darpan (English) (Monthly)
29 Reader's Digest (Monthly)
30 Outlook (Weekly)
31 Down to Earth (Fortnightly)
32 Banking services Chronical (Monthly)
33 Tits Bits (Monthly)
34 National Geographic (Monthly)
35 Time (Weekly)
36 Woman's Era (Monthly)
37 Preet Lari (Punjabi) (Monthly)
38 Soch Di Shakti (Punjabi) (Monthly)

There is a Readers' Club to promote Reading habits among students. Students get fictional, motivational, biographical and other books from this club and write book reviews of those books.

There is a Book-Bank facility for poor and needy students. Books are issued to students for whole semester from Book bank.

Student who gets maximum books issued during the session gets BEST LIBRARY USER AWARD in the Annual Prize distribution Function.

Library caters to the needs of College staff members and 1250 students of the College. Library has a reading hall that accommodates more than 50 students at a time. All College Students get an Identity cum Library card from library and get books issued on that I-card as per following entitlement.

B.Com (I,II,III) Students: 3 Books
M.Com (I,II) Students: 4 Books
B C A (I,II,III) Students: 3 Books
PGDCA Students: 3 Books
M.Sc.-IT (I, II) Students: 4 Books
Staff: 8-10 Books

1. Books are issued to students for the period of 14 days.
2. An overdue Charges of 0.50 paise per day per volume will be Charged if a book is kept beyond the permissible period of loan.
3. The Principal/Librarian is empowered to recall any book at any time.
4. Any book lost or damaged will be replaced or paid for to the satisfaction of the Librarian.
5. Readers and Borrowers are not allowed to write upon or damage or mark any book,periodical or material belonging to the college Library.
6. Any misuse of Library privilege will be considered a serious breach of discipline and Librarian is empowered to take such action as she seems fit.
7. The member shall continue to be responsible for any loss which the Library may suffer through the loss or misuse of his/her card.

College Library is open from 9.00m to 6.00pm. for Students, teachers and General Public.